Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Seven New Citrus Trees

It has been a cold and wet winter here this year. Although the rain has been welcome, it has not been any incentive to venture outside into the garden. So as one can expect due to a previous lack of enthusiasm there is a lot of work to be done outside at the moment.
With so many deciduous trees in my garden it is very bare looking over the winter months. In an effort to 'green up' my fence lines I have been planting citrus trees. Five oranges in the front garden two years ago are now becoming established and I am hoping for some extra fruit this year. My back fence is very bare but there is little room due to well established fruit trees to plant anything that will become bushy. So I decided to espalier citrus along the fence. I am aware that they will compete for root space and nutrition with the other trees but one can only try and see what happens.
So today I planted out seven new citrus trees. One Lemonade, two Emperor Mandarins that have been in pots in the Courtyard for around ten years. One Tahitian Lime, a Summer fruiting Orange. a Seedless Japanese Mandarin and a Ruby Grapefruit. That takes the number of citrus that I have planted out in the garden to 20!

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