Thursday, December 31, 2015

Years End

It is hot again here today. I am not even going to bother looking up what the forecast temperature is, I just know that it is hot and I am over it!
Most of my time seems to be taken up with watering. I should not complain, as at least I am on town water and as yet there are no restrictions on using it. I live in the street that has the water stand pipe. Every day for weeks I see the water carter there up to 6 times a day collecting drinking water to take to people who live outside of town and rely on tank water collected from run off from their roof. An indication on how little rain we have had this year.   
This is the season of thunderstorms and although they can bring much needed rain. They also start most of the bush fires that we have here in Southern Australia. My local Grampians Region has seen many significant fires these past years and the loss of homes on Christmas Day in the Otways fires is heart rendering.   
Happy New Year to everyone and may you stay cool and safe.

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